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Human scale in Naghshe-Jahan square (8298 Downloads)
Review of the Evolution of Jame Mosque of Ardestan (7914 Downloads)
Looking for the Architecture of the Persian Palace in the Ghaznavid Era; Recognition and Comparative Investigation of the Architectural and Decorative Features in the Surviving Palaces of the Ghaznavids (6721 Downloads)
The Geometric System of Single Impost Rasmi-bandi, Derived from Peripheral Circle (6247 Downloads)
The Golden Proportion and System of Islamic– Iranian proportions in Qaen Mosque (5600 Downloads)
بازنگری در مفهوم کاربندی بر مبنای هندسهی نظری، هندسهی عملی و نقش ساختمانی (5219 Downloads)
پژوهشی در ملاتهای آهکی تاریخی(ساروج) حمام شاهزاده ها در اصفهان (4684 Downloads)
Introducing a new Approach in Digital Fabrication based on Augmented Reality Technology in Architecture (4390 Downloads)
the usage determination process of masoudieh complex based on revitalization principles of historical complex (3895 Downloads)
Revival of an Identity; Feasibility Study in Revitalization of Khosro Agha Historic Public Bathhouse (3866 Downloads)
Developing the Strategies of Improving Teaching Quality of the Topics (3620 Downloads)
فضاهای عمومی شهری، تحقق تعاملات اجتماعی در بافتهای تاریخی (3546 Downloads)
A Novel Drawing Method for Innovative Design of Karbandi Case Study: The Karbandis of Tabriz Historic Bazaar (3502 Downloads)
Visual Recreation of Ayeneh Khaneh (Mirror hall) Destroyed palace, As an Example of Safavid palaces. (3472 Downloads)
Application of Transect Approach in Zoning for Implementation of Design-Led Planning (3463 Downloads)
مداخلات حفاظتی، چالش های پیش روی حفاظت میراث فرهنگی (3373 Downloads)
Study of Historical and constructional evolution of SAVE JAME mosque (3359 Downloads)
تدوین راهکارهایی به منظور ساماندهی و احیاء مادی‌های بافت قدیم شهر اصفهان (3239 Downloads)
Identifying the Authentic Cerebration Criteria in the Modern Architecture of Valuable Historical Urban Textures in Order to Improve the Physical Identity of Historic Urban Textures (Case Study: Historic Urban Texture of Imamzade Yahya in Oodlajan) (3239 Downloads)
آسیب‌شناسی منظر محیطی در محدوده‌های سکونتگاهی پیرامون باغ‌های تاریخی (3194 Downloads)
Explanation the concept of Integrity in the field of museum works, in terms of determining the affecting factors on it (3125 Downloads)
بکارگیری مثلث‌های هنجار در محاسبات ریاضی و پیاده‌سازی هندسه در ساخت و اجرای معماری سنتی ایران (3000 Downloads)
پیدایش بادگیر در خانه‌های دشت یزد- اردکان (2987 Downloads)
ویژگی های هندسی و ریاضی در ساختار چفد پنج او هفت تند در پوشش تاق آهنگ ایرانی (2946 Downloads)
Analyzing the method of Hindi Circle for Determining the Direction of mosques’ Qibla (Case Study: Isfahan Jame mosque) (2814 Downloads)
The Fourfold Divisions and their Origins in the Iranian Architecture and Urbanism (2685 Downloads)
Corporal and Functional Durability of the Tehran historical bazaar (2527 Downloads)
Desert Resort Complex Site Selection using AHP Method (2518 Downloads)
Identity of Historic Places in the Context of Change (2500 Downloads)
کاربرد مبانی نظری مرمت در موزون سازی دیوارنگاره ها (2488 Downloads)
Explaining the Realationship between Vernacular Architecture & Contexualism (2350 Downloads)
Analyzing the Kufic Writings of Qavam al-Din Shirazi’s Architectural Ornamentation in Gazirgah, Herat (2323 Downloads)
Islam, Science, Religious, Traditionalism, Modernism (2318 Downloads)
Study of Seismic Destruction of an Adobe Shop in the Bam Citadel and Its Restoration Plan (2245 Downloads)
Evaluation of Physical Features and its impact on the Vitality and Viability of City’s Neighborhoods (2147 Downloads)
Micro-Raman spectroscopy for non-invasive study of Persian Binding mediums (2133 Downloads)
Investigating the Impact of DCIS Teaching Method (Direct Collaboration of Instructor and Student) on the Learning Process of Architectural Design Basics (Module I) (2125 Downloads)
Culture-Based Regeneration through Developing Creative Industries and Explanation of Cultural Quarters in Historic Urban Textures (2094 Downloads)
Evaluation of Traders’ Attitude towards the Durability of the Historical and Cultural Values in the Conservation of Bazaar (Case study: The Attitude Research of the Tradespeople in Tehran’s Historic Bazaar) (2090 Downloads)
Comparative study of the architecture of Armenians and French missionaries’ schools in Isfahan City in the contemporary period from the view of historical and stylistic evolution (2086 Downloads)
مطالعه و استحکام بخشی سنگ آهک در سنگ نوشته خرم‌آباد، لرستان (2041 Downloads)
An Enquiry into the Identification of the Executive Settings involved in the Creation of the Urban Landscapes in the Safavid Master Plan (2027 Downloads)
Evaluating the influence of rules and regulations of urban constructions on height plan implementation (Revision of comprehensive plan for Isfahan-district 4) (2000 Downloads)
Static Analysis and Verification of Secondary Cracks Formation Caused by Settlement in the Walls without Openings (1988 Downloads)
Analysis of local architects' capability in process of building trasitional Ice houses (1985 Downloads)
Qualitative detection of type of fat used to make a leather bottle attributed to Seljuk period by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy (1961 Downloads)
A Comparison of Design Patterns between Ordinary Schools and Open Schools in Terms Of the Efficiency of Learning Environment (1936 Downloads)
Explanation and Assessment of the Components Affecting the Quality of the Architecture Schools from Students’ Perspective (A study in the Faculty of Architecture at the Universities Of Tabriz, Tabriz Islamic Art, and Islamic Azad University) (1931 Downloads)
The Use of Rapid Prototyping Technology to Reconstruct the Missing Parts of Glass Works with the Approach of Applying in Historical Glasses (1908 Downloads)
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